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And let’s not forget academia, in particular, leftists in academia. Back in 1995 when things were looking mighty gloomy for grad students even at places like Yale, some grad students formed a union and went on strike. They began to withhold grades. Here is how their leftist professors responded:

“Sara Suleri, a brilliant postcolonial critic whose work I have taught in my own courses, urged disciplinary action against one of her teaching assistants who joined [the union's] 1995 decision to withhold undergraduate grades until Yale agreed to negotiate. Nancy Cott, a widely admired labor historian, spoke out against the union, and David Brion Davis, a distinguished historian of slavery, sought college guards to bar his union-identified teaching assistant from entering the room where undergraduate final exams would be given...."

That quotation is from another leftist, Cary Nelson, and can be found in his book “Manifesto of a Tenured Radical,” p. 143. Nelson was one of the few academic leftists who actually cared about the jobs crisis in academia back then. Can anyone tell me what people like Chomsky said and did about it?

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