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Why do Republican love Reagan. He brought the country trickle-down economics which only benefitted the wealthiest. And Iran-Contra Gate as well as a total of 225 people who served in the Reagan administration who either quit, were fired, arrested, indicted, or convicted for either breaking the law or violating the Ethics Code.Hmm, reminds me of Bushie.


You know what the most humorous thing about the new found Republican love for Reagan is? If he was to run for office today as a Republican, he would lose. Let us not forget, it was Reagan that first used the word "Amnesty" when it came to illegal aliens. Did not Reagan leave the middle east after our troops were killed in a bombing accident? Wouldn't that be called a "cut and runner"? Reagan sold arms to the mighty evil Iran, how far would that get him with today's Republicans? While Reagan did lower taxes at times, and believed in that crazy notion of 'trickle down" he also raised taxes at times. Here is a man who believed in FDR, the same man the Right is trying to label as 'evil'. So while I hear all this Reagan talk, the Republican Party of today would have no use for Reagan, and he would find himself solely out of place in the Republican Party of today.

Now please do not take this as any endorsement of Reagan, because I flat out hated the policies he enacted. But given the stands of the new Radical Republican Party of today, even as heinous as I found Reagan, he was a mere lamb compared to today's Republican Party.

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