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Trash his legacy. Let me see if I can remember back to the Clinton Presidency. We had a robust economy, surging job growth, crime lowered every year of his Presidency, and out image around the world was positive. Now can we compare that to that of the George W Bush Presidency? I do not think they are evil (OK, everyone but Cheney because he is pure evil), but what has his Presidency had anything to marvel about? Recession, two wars, national disaster, the shredding of the Constitution, torture, and our image around the world is not what it once was. If I had to choose which era which was better, I would be hard pressed to pick the George W one.

To illustrate my point, the hate site Think Progress came up with this wonderful chart to illustrate the Legacy of George W Bush.


As one person commented on the Think Progress site:

"Hard to argue with facts…. Tho I’m sure we’re about to see a lot of people try…."


I can't wait to see if Giuliani takes the high road. Of course that depends on him not dropping out after Florida.


Maureen Down is not a liberal. She is a right winger or a fake liberal, and she is an idiot. Don't take her column as representative of general liberal - and intelligent - sentiment.


I agree 100% with Annie. One only needs to go back and read what Maureen Down said about Al Gore during the 2000 election to see what a farce is.

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