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Keith Burgess-Jackson

Be careful, Peg!


Hi Cousin Peggy! Your sister recently showed me your site ... so I plan to read through many of your views on things, but this one was too fun to resist a quick response! I've done exactly what you've done (a couple of times ... once causing a chemical abbrasion requiring a patch for a couple of days ... but that was during my "drinking" days) but just a word to the wise ... no matter how sleepy or tired you are, avoid using nail polish remover to remove eyed make-up ... they are not even close to the same product!

I look forward to reading more ...

Samantha Pierce

I was wide awake when I did this but, once when I was preparing to brush my teeth I looked at my moisturizer and toothpaste sitting next to each other and thought, wouldn't it be funny it I tried to brush my teeth with my moisturizer? A few seconds later as I brought my toothbrush to my mouth I was puzzled by the lack minty freshness I had come to expect from my toothpaste. I looked at my toothbrush and sure enough I was about to brush my teeth with moisturizer.


Oh my goodness! Thank goodness I am not the Only One!

Vincent Davis

Wew, who helped you get to the doctor immediately? Tsk. Good thing that toothpaste thing wasn't as bad as before! You must be careful next time, Peg. Our eyes are one of the most crucial parts of our body.

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