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James Ament

"Success is achieved by doing what you need to do to be successful - and by believing that you can achieve and do better. It is achieved by doing as well as you can, one day at a time."

Immigrants, legal and otherwise, prove it all the time.


Uh, yeah. Young white guy, right? Could get blue-collar work? Of *course* he got ahead. There are areas of the country trying to get more women into blue-collar work, but most of what we qualify for we have to have training to get into, and that takes time. And it isn't available everywhere.

You find me a woman of any race and put her in that exact same situation and, hey, throw in some kids while you're at it, and see how well she does with a "good attitude." Then maybe you'll have a point.

Nobody ever really *gets* a job. It has to be given to them, whether or not they have earned it. Nobody ever *gets* pay--it has to be given to them, and the employer gets to decide how much. And if you don't factor in gender, racial, family status, and age discrimination, of course you're going to get a slanted picture of what it takes to succeed from nothing. Like it or not you can't walk through a wall. What you *think* does not alter reality. A good attitude IS important, if only to preserve a person's basic sanity, but thoughts by themselves do nothing material.

Anyway, I thought you were for free speech. What's all this book-burning talk, then?

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