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Remember when the Republican Attack Machine instigated a whisper campaign that McCain had fathered a black child. This effectively cost him any chance of beating George Bush in the South Carolina primary and ended his campaign.
Compare that to the LA Times piece. Incidentally, the Times is not owned by the Democratic party as you imply.


I well remember the ugly attacks against McCain during that election cycle. Personally - I disagree with you about the ultimate result of the attacks (I think that some of McCain's own actions caused him to lose ground). Still - no doubt that the attacks were not a plus - and that they were despicable.

Nothing I said implied that the LA Times is owned by Democrats. Surely, however, the author of this column is more inclined to vote for liberal candidates than not.

In any case - my primary point is that Republicans do not have a lock on dirty tricks nor wholly unfair commentary. No more; no less.


Please, Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, the Republicans own dirty politics lock , stock and barrel.

By the way the LA Times is far from a left leaning paper. Case in point the story that was falsely push that Obama flipped off Hillary Clinton, which was completely false. Story can be found below:


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