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Why is it that Republicans are so against the concept of America? This decision despite what Scalia and McCarthy claims does not make Americans unsafe. All it does, it distates that if someone is detained, they have the right to question and fight the claim that they are enemy combatants. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else that is being said is nothing by hyperbole and fear mongering. It does not give these people Constitutional Rights, it just allows them to question and fight the claims that are being made against them.

If you had any clue as to what is going on, you would know that many people that are held in Gitmo were never caught on the battlefield at all. Many of these people were given over to the United States because we were paying people to turn people over. Have any doubts into what I am saying, listen to the below story on the whole issue of Habeas Corpus and those held at Gitmo.


In case you do not want to hear something that might change your preconceive notions, here are some facts that even the Administration cannot and does not deny.

* Only 5% of our detainees at Guantanamo were “scooped up” by American troops, on the battlefield or anywhere else. That's right just 5%. The rest? We never saw them fighting, and here’s something else Only 8% of the detainees in Guantanamo are classified by the Pentagon as Al Qaeda fighters.

* In fact, Michael Donleavy, head of interrogations at Guantanamo, complained in 2002 that he was receiving too many “Mickey Mouse” prisoners.

* In 2004, the New York Times did a huge investigation, interviewing dozens of high level military intelligence and law enforcement officials in the US, Europe and the Middle East. There was a surprising consensus:

* Out of nearly 600 men at Guantanamo, the number who could give us useful information about Al Qaeda was “only a relative handful.” Some put the number at about a dozen. Others more than two dozen.

* A Seton Hall study might help explain this because it revealed that 86% of the detainees were handed over to us by Pakistan or the Northern Alliance. Many of those that were handed over to us by a new method, they were paid for. You see we were offering bounties, you know, $5,000 or $10,000 (Al Qaeda brought more than Taliban did)

* As Rear Admiral John Hutson, the Navy’s top lawyer and judge advocate general until 2000 says, essentially we bought a whole lot of other prisoners. When you look at the economy at that part of the world, you know, that really is kind of a king’s ransom.


Why is it that so many leftists are in favor of shari'a?


John - I'm afraid that most of them are unable to apply the straightfoward logic that would allow them to realize this.

"Change we can believe in" - the loss of what has made our nation great.

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