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Peg, Why do you call him a liberal? The article says he is a NASA scientist and doesn't identify him as a liberal nor a conservative. Do you think that only liberals believe in global warming? If so, think again. You need look no farther than our beloved President Bush.


Hansen is director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. He described himself as moderately conservative, but said he will ...


James Hansen can call himself a pink elephant if he wishes to do so.

If you look at his actions, where he gets hundreds of thousands of dollars to say what he does - he sure looks like a liberal to me.




You nailed it, and the funny thing about this whole thing is, it doesn't matter what this man says, his credentials, or anything else. He considers himself a conservative, but again that does not matter, what matters is that he dared to say something she and those on the Right disagree with, so now he is a heretic that should be burned at the cross.

PS~The burn at the cross reference is just a metaphor.

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