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Wow something we both can agree on. Now if we could get those on the Republican side to stop demonizing gay marriage, to get government to stay out of the business of two people loving each other I would be happy. What ever happened to the mantra of limited government, except of course when it come to gay marriage and new Constitutional Amendments.

At the same time if we could also get those weak knee Democrats to stop trying to cater to those on the Right and to stand up for what should be a basic principle we could be rid of this silly debate.


Greg, you surely are correct that Democrats in general are more supportive of gay rights than are Republicans.

Nevertheless, if you look at the leading Democratic candidates for president - and now the presumptive candidate, Barack Obama, neither stated that they were in support of gay marriage.

Rather than trying to demonize one party over another on this issue, I simply try to urge others to appreciate why I believe as I do.

If you really believe as you say, too - I recommend that you adopt my position. Try to convince people; not to alienate them.

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