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Actually the key to Rove's statement and that coming from Republicans is this. George W Bush was the grandson of a Senator, son of a Senator, CIA Director, Vice President, and President. He got into Harvard based on his last name, and no one ever labeled him elite. John McCain is the son of an admiral, yet he was never labeled elite. Barack grew up in a single family home, mother was on food stamps at a time, and he got through college on merit, and he is the elitist? Really, you are making that argument?

As Jake Tapper pointed out:

"Interesting that Mr. Rove would use a country club metaphor to describe the first major party African-American presidential candidate, whom I'm sure wouldn't be admitted into many country clubs that members of the Capitol Hill Club frequent.”

Of course this is coming from Republicans and you say the Democrats are racists? When will we ever see a black person in a top position in this party? How about a woman? Did not the person you supported refuse to show up to a debate in front of a black organization? Did Rudy ever write you back on that decision. I guess not. I will just file this in the 'pot calling the kettle black" department.


Greg, whatever the Republicans are these days, the Democrats are elitists. It's been 24 years since the Democrats last nominated someone who didn't go to an elite school. Why this obsession with graduates of elite schools?

Most of the people in academia that I run into worship elite schools. My wife, who came out of the U. of Kansas, was once told by the head of a search committee she was on, that they wanted a candidate who went to a good school. The person saying this was leftist. It is hard to imagine a leftist saying to a black person, "We want to hire a white." But leftists in academia never even think about how elitist they are. Notice that this search was not interested in finding a good candidate, but rather in finding a candidate who went to a good school. There is a difference.

Another area of elitism concerns the columnists at the NY Times. They are almost all from elite schools, and if not an elite school, then an eastern school.

Face it, Greg, these days the road to success runs through elite schools, or as I prefer to call them, schools for the rich. No one on the left seems to mind. They will whine about our plutocracy, and point to all the evidence that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, but they ignore the evidence that we are also living in a cultural plutocracy and that they are contributing to it. Yes, Obama came from a poor family, but I'd be much more inclined to vote for him if he hadn't gone to an elite school.

I leave you with these questions to ponder: What role would elite schools play in an egalitarian society? Wouldn't it be no role at all? Shouldn't that be something that leftists aim at or if not that, at least making elite schools less important? The conservative philosopher Keith Burgess-Jackson says somewhere that it's odd that leftists aren't interested in the fate of those who went to places like Appalachian State. Instead, they are fixated on those who went to Harvard. Isn't it pathetic that those of us who didn't go to elite schools have to depend on conservative philosophers instead of leftist philosophers for someone sympathetic to our plight?



When I look to someone I prefer as a candidate, the school to which they went to bare little to no effect in that decision. I base my decision on what they stand for, what is their platform, and how I feel they would lead the country. If the school they went to was an important factor in that decision, then it would be what steps did they take to get there, and what did they do when they got there.

On that note let us look at George W. Bush, do you honestly believe his name and pedigree had no impact on reasons he got in the schools you seem to detest? How about John McCain's entrance into the Air Force academy? Do you think his father being an admiral might of had some help in that placement?

On the contrary let's look at Barack Obama, he worked his way into school, and when he got their he became editor of the Harvard Law Review. Are you thinking affirmative action? Bill Clinton, I bet he was a trust fund baby was he? Nope, I think he came from humble beginnings and earned his way there. Same could be said for Jimmy Carter or even John Edwards who was not the nominee, but earned everything he got. On that note Michelle Obama got to where she was through hard work and smarts also, nothing she obtained was given to her either. So you point is mute, silly, and totally off topic.

This whole thing evolves around the notion that a man who worked his way to where he is, is some sort of elitist. I would think his story of grabbing himself up by his boot straps and making something of himself would be one that Republicans would respect. By the way the same can be said for Michelle Obama also. Perhaps it is the African American thing that is clouding your thinking on all this. I bet you think they are uppity and do not know their place. To be honest you did not say this, or imply this. I am just having fun with this whole insane notion that Barack Obama and the Obama's in extension are elitists.

I will borrow from a post I read on another blog I frequent. I think this sums up my whole feeling of this Obama elite notion.

Professor Tracey over at Aunt Jemima's Revenge posted this:

"Every time I hear mainstream media journalists and right wing pundits call Barack and Michelle Obama elitist, I become absolutely more convinced than ever that white America has absolutely no clue about the lives of black people, other than what they see on television or the movies or what other people tell them.

Let's make this clear - Barack and Michelle Obama are not elitist, they are not members of the black elite, period, end of discussion. If the requirement for being elite like the Obamas is having an Ivy League degree, really good jobs with decent salaries, and a nice house, then a whole lot of black people are elite. And we all know that's far from the truth.

The Obamas are not rich nor wealthy by any elite standard, in fact until Barack Obama started writing best-selling books that earned him significant financial gains, Michelle Obama was the family breadwinner, earning more than double Barack's salary. Truth be told, Barack and Michelle Obama are barely one generation removed from poverty. Far from elite indeed.

Unless the Obamas are leaving this information out of their personal biographies, the Obamas are not members of The Links, Jack and Jill of America, or The Divine Nine. The Obamas don't have a summer home on Martha's Vineyard....(Valerie Jarrett does) or Sag Harbor, where many of the real black elite are currently sipping mint juleps right now. I also don't believe that either Obama had a cotillion that "introduced" them to society.

With that said, it's not a criticism to say the Obamas are not elite, it's more of a correction. A correction that is important. The Obamas are like a lot of everyday successful people, black or white. They came from humble beginnings and overcame all the obstacles to become successful. If they desire a larger slice of the American dream, more money, more power, more advantages for their children, that does not make they elitists, it makes them ambitious, hardworking, and driven.

Successful people are successful because they have dreams and goals, they don't stop once they have achieved their dreams and goals, they make new ones, like running for president of the United States. That's not elitist, that's the American dream."

Hey JFP, can I ask one question? How does anything you posted deal with the issue of Karl Rove saying Barack Obama is an elitist? I think you jumped the shark on this post, and you seem to have some bitter (opps did I say bitter?? LOL!!!) feelings towards certain schools. I do not know what it is, but I am lost to see how any of this addresses the main post on this subject. but I thank you because you did provide me with some laughs.

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