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Bill Drissel

My favorite: Remove baby before folding stroller.



Blame the trial lawyers & politicians. Because of unnecessary litigation, our lilly-livered politicians have mandated allergen alerts on all packages, even when it is OBVIOUS!!


Oh, Mark - I assuredly do!

Although the finger of blame can also be pointed at others. If our legal system allowed for attorneys fees by defendents winning to be paid more frequently, you'd not see as many cases like this. If juries decided more on the actual facts and law of the case, rather than a "pity party" awarding money to harmed people, you'd not see as many cases like this.

More than a few are to blame for warnings that peanut butter contains peanuts.


The "Pecan Rolls" at out local Kroger's grocery store carry a warning that they "Contain Pecans".


When we bridge players compete, we have something called "alerts." They are to make competitors aware that something is unusual and not what you are expecting.

The more we demand that people place "warnings" on the most idiotic of products, the more we disspate the value of so-called "warnings" at all.

If everything has a warning on it - then the warnings become close to meaningless.


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