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McCain won, it is all over? Obama got served? Your kidding, right?

I think that turnabout is fair play, so I think a great question to ask John McCain is not why he chose this female as his VP pick, but why he passed up other more qualified choices?

The obvious choices Pawlenty, Romney, and even Liebermann, could also be described as the least inspiring the republicans had to offer. If he had to chose a women, is not someone like Olympia Snowe, or Christine Todd Witman more qualified than Palin? Given the GOP is walking headfirst into the thundering wake of a 75,000 member HOPE and CHANGE marathon (and quite possibly hurricane Gustav), It's hard to imagine any of those topping the potential veep shortlist swinging independants or moderate democrats (a must have if McCain is to have an honest shot at overtaking Obama after the conventions and upcoming debates.)

To be completely honest Sarah Palin has been a dark horse in contention for awhile now, but most would lay down less than even money at her chances at actually landing a No. 2 spot on the ticket with so many others that seemed to be actively auditioning for the job. My initial reaction was similar to most I have read so far. This is a fairly cheap attempt to appeal to the disenchanted Hillary supporters, and a chance to steal a week or so out of the news cycle as expected.

Sarah Palin's choice should raise many concerns with those who are enthralled with the GOP. Here are just a few of those concerns.

1. McCain shifted the focus of his perceived advantage during the VP intro from "experience" to "change". I think Barack Obama wins that contest.

2. Female candidate does not equal female votes as a generic rule. Sarah Palin doesn't necessarily support or promote a strong women's right's platform, and has not already been identified as a leader in the movement.

3. McCain's judgment is now in question, and perhaps rightly so. On his 72nd birthday he picks someone he's met once to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

4. How do you defend the pick? An objective journalist may just get fiesty and start asking why McCain didn't go with a Romney or Pawlenty.

I'm sure his team has provided canned responses to these softballs, but here's a better one:


There are obvious answers to these, but they are more interesting coming from the McCain campaign.

She could run laps around Palin in either politics or policy, and has proven experience (she's technically already 4th in the presidential line of succession)

What can the McCain camp say against her?

She's tied too closely to a failed administration. .. (that McCain voted with 90% of the time?)

She supported an unpopular war... (that McCain STILL supports wholeheartedly?)

Has she been a part of Washington too long? (What does that say about McCain?)

If Obama was compensating for his lack of experience by picking Biden, what was McCain compensating for? His lack of appeal to "real" Americans who are "in touch" to today's middle class challenges?

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