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You know they say a picture is worth a thousand words. What does this say about the group you are so affiliated with??

Obama Waffles

You know they say you cab tell a lot a people by the looking at the crowd that they keep.


"Group I'm affiliated with?" Don't think so, Greg!

I think that, no matter what the group says about it being "satirical and funny" - it is not. It goes beyond the bounds of amusing and is racist and NOT funny.

It should be condemned. Thank you for pointing it out. Anything like this should be condemned - and - just as Obama is not responsible for the photographer I highlighted (The Atlantic is!) - McCain's campaign is not responsible for this ugly work.


McCain may not be responsible for this, but these are the people that he is courting for their votes, and these are the people who you share political ideology with. This is the same crowd that can be found in the RNC, and though you might not want to be apart of this crowd, this is the crowd you run with, and the people whose views you are aligned with.

This was the conservative political forum where Republican Party stalwarts Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney were among it's speakers. This is the same junk that comes from Rush Limbaugh who you claim you listen to, and the stuff that comes from Ann Coulter who again you cite. So you cannot now just distance yourself from what they say so easily. These people are at the heart and soul of the Republican Party. You can try and divorce them all you want, but I'm just pointing out my opinion.

You were quick to align Daily Kos with the KKK. Remember your post

Cutting Edge

Yet not a peep out of you on this. Why was that? Why is it acceptable to align Daily Kos in the matter that you did, and not acceptable to align you, and the Republican Party with these people? Hey, if you can make the jump as you did with Daily Kos, then I can make the same leap in this matter.


No, Greg. These are NOT the people "with whom I'm aligned with" nor are they McCain's people.

Yes; I think that the people who hang out at the Daily Kos are utterly disgusting. Do I assume that Obama and Biden and millions of other liberals agree with the junk that is posted at Kos? Of course not!

You should ascribe to people what they say and do. Not what others say and do.

I was condemning this particular photographer. Period.


Great article.
IMO, Jake Tapper is pretty even handed.
Wish I could say the same about the other "Main Stream Media" bloggers or on air media.
- Sri

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