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You will get no disagreement from me here. In fact I have consistently brought this point up several times only to be rebuked by you.

- For instance I got no response when I mentioned Newt Gingrich calls to limit free speech.

- No response from anyone when I mentioned the lady in Denver being arrested for McCain Bush poster.

- Not a peep when I showed the 80 year old deacon Don Zirkel being arrested for an anti-war t-shirt.

- Supreme court ruled in favor of a school that suspended a student for brandishing a banner proclaiming "Bong Hits 4 Jesus," in one of the more bizarre recent free-speech cases.

- People being arrested and ticketed for anti-Bush bumper stickers.

Again I am not disagreeing with you, but why has this suddenly caught your attention? These things have been going on for a while, and you would think of all people Conservatives would be the most up in arms about these things, yet in some (not all) they been in the forefront of these things.

So while we are in agreement this is scary, I only want to know why has it taken you this long to notice the problem?

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