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I hope that whatever happens, our parents will know how grateful we are for all the sacrifices they have made for us, all the love they have given to us, all the gifts they have bestowed upon us and all the wisdom they have attempted to impart to us.

Caring for them the way you do, I'm sure they already got the message. My wife lost both of her parents between her late twenties/early thirties. I lost my Dad back in '01. Every hug, phone call or e-mail is precious to me.


Hey Peg,
Thanks for sharing your reflections about the changes in your parents' lives, and what role you and Wendy should play. As usual, your life and mine hold many parallels. My Dad still plays tennis several times a week. His bride of 45+ years has had some challenges recently and has had to curtail most of her workout regimen.

I spent some time at the Charlotte airport trying to get back home after visiting Dad on his 80th birthday, which happened to be the day that Florida was hit by Hurricane Wilma (and the day the Chicago White Sox won the World Series for the first time in 80 years)!

Your mother is still a beauty. (So are you.)


And you, my dear, are still the best friend anyone could have. "Only" about 52 years now - right?!

Dave Smith

Nice post, thanks for sharing.

I travelled to Illinois this weekend and spent Saturday night with Mom. She's 87, so there are only so many hugs left for me and I consider each one precious.

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