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I'm unsure what the relevance of charitable giving is for whether someone is qualified to be President or Vice President.

In contrast, the questions about the Palin tax returns certainly raise issues of willful noncompliance (or, at a minimum, a quite extraordinarily aggressive tax position).


Greg; you are quite opaque today. "Palin tax returns?" Has she submitted them? If she has, I am not aware.

I did NOT say that Biden wasn't qualified to be vice president! I never said that any of the four candidates are not!

I only said that Biden has very low charitable giving. You might also note that I mentioned sometimes there are circumstances that the rest of us are not privy to that account for this.

My only real "negative" was that he might have given more in "preparation" for a run. People do look at what you give, and not irrationally, judge you to be a generous and giving person if you give handsomely - and not if you do not.

To join certain clubs, for instance, you sometimes are required to have a level of giving above a certain amount. Just a "values" thing.


I would expect that their charitable giving will decrease even more since they will be hit with the Obama “over 250K a year” tax hike. But since they are “rich” (by Obama’s over $250K a year definition) that means that they got huge tax saving from the Bush tax cuts. That means that should have plenty of cash to give to charity. Maybe they did like other people and just saved or spent the money.
Or it could just be that Biden gives away money w/o filing it on his taxes.

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