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There is a good reason why we need to find the people to put some blame for this. I can sum it up in one word. ACCOUNTABILITY .

There is now way in the world if this happened under a Democrat's Administration you would be pulling out this line it is not time to affix blame to someone. You and Fox News would be placing blame for this on every Democrat you could find. But since we both no you cannot lay the blame at their feet, we have this new change of heart.

Why is it when 9/11 happened you and the Republicans were quick to blame Clinton for everything. Now that the general public thinks this was brought on by the Republicans, it is look away, this is no time for punitive actions, we need to solve the crisis, look away. I for one am not buying it. This is the constant double standard that Republican's use.

Cornel West said it best when he said this about the Republican's:

"The sad thing is, you know, when they talk about welfare, they always talk about personal responsibility. But when it comes to their actions, who takes responsibility? Hardly anybody at all. That's what you call not just moral inconsistency. That's what you call unadulterated hypocrisy."

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