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Perhaps they know something that you are afraid to admit. They understand the constant double standards and moving the goal posts that you and others seem to think is OK when it comes to Obama. For instance his campaign would of been over a long time ago if:

- He used his office to allow his wife to carry narcotics for her consumption on a diplomatic passport.

- He had a scandal where he traded campaign favors for political influence ala Keating 5.

- He picked a Veep with the same skill set and experience as Sarah Palin.

"Frum on Palin"

- He called his wife a trollop and c**t in public.

- He couldn't remember what border Afghanistan was on.

- He kept confusing Iraq with Iran.

- He involved himself in a regional conflict that has no strategic value to this country.

- He surrounded himself with a lobbyist operation of 150 people to manage his campaign.

- He dumped his 1st wife for a 24YO heiress to a beer fortune, committing adultery in the process.

- He had a lobbyist that got him to intercede with the FCC on broadcasting licensing with a potential sex angle involved.

- He was 72 years old with a medical history of numerous occurrences of cancer and only allowed reporters to view the stack of health records for 3 hours

- He was celebrating his birthday with a cake while New Orleans was drowning.

- He was in a Party that has been a governing disaster for the past 8 years.

- He had falsely fingered Iraq for the 9/11 attack.

- He had fellow Senators of his Party publicly worried about his temper and temperament to be POTUS.

- He was caught on camera celebrating his birthday with a celebrity and indicted con artist in some exotic locale.

- He couldn't remember how many houses he owned.

- He violated campaign rules about flying in private aircraft, owned by his wife, at no charge to his campaign.

- He thought rich was making $5MM/year.

- He let Michelle show up for his nominating convention, wearing $302,500 worth of jewels.

- He continued to lie about his VP's accomplishments. particularly on earmarks and the bridge to nowhere.

- He stated that Joe Biden probably knew more about energy than any other person in the US.

- He graduated 894/899 in his class

I wish I would of been able to source everything except the sites spam guard will not allow me to do so. But for those who like facts, the sourcing of each of these facts can be found below:


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