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John Pepple

I've known plenty of leftist academics who are, if not greedy, then stingy.


OK I am lost. Please John for the love of God how do you work leftist academics into a story of a man who took his life because he thought he lost his family's fortune? How do you equate leftist and stingy to the many people who think they lost their fortunes?

Now Peg accuses me of being a partisan, but I never have made this big of a leap in any of my comments such as you did here. So I am curious. OK, let me be honest I not really curious, I just need a laugh to see how you made this kind of leap.

In reality this is something that is seen a lot of times. Just for instance anyone remember John Baxter? He was an executive of Enron who killed himself after Enron flopped.


John is only making the point that no profession is exclusively for the greedy and stingy, nor the generous and helpful - the brilliant nor the idiots, etc. etc.

John can certainly always speak for himself. But - this is my opinion.

Some people are not aware of it.

John Pepple

Dear Greg,
CAN YOU READ? I was responding to Peg's sentence: "Some view wealthy financiers as greedy, evil people."

I made my comment because I know that we are going to be hearing endlessly about greed from people who themselves have a similar moral flaw, a flaw that will remain hidden. I just wanted to add some balance to the coming deluge.

"I never have made this big of a leap in any of my comments such as you did here."

So what? You have often taken me to task for making "leaps," and you have never once indicated what is wrong logically with making them. You just call them leaps and assume that is all there is to it. If you are accusing me of a specific logical fallacy, name it.


Peg you wrote:

"John is only making the point that no profession is exclusively for the greedy and stingy, nor the generous and helpful - the brilliant nor the idiots, etc. etc."

You do not speak for John of course, but if that was the case, why did he only choose to name these mythical legion of "leftist academics"? If as you say no profession is exclusive, then why in a post that mentions no profession or no political leanings does he single one out some? Which I find humorous since you accuse me for being a partisan. Does this not take a very partisan tone. At least if this would have been the tact I would take, I would of backed it up with more than this.


My point is simple, greedy and evil people and leftist academics are mutually exclusive. In essence I am saying that someone can be greedy and evil, and yet not have to be leftist or an academic. One does not equal to the other. Is you implication that only leftist academics are greedy and stingy? If not, then why only label "leftist academics"? My question of the leap is how you would take this tragic event and somehow equate this to another slam against liberals?

No where in Peg's post was there any indications of political leanings or ideology. It seemed to me (perhaps I am wrong) that she was trying to make a point that this was tragic, and that people need to realize that money is not the most important thing in life. That family and friends perhaps are a bigger treasure. If that was not the point, then I got a different read of Peg's post than you. I somehow did not see the code words of blame this on greedy, stingy liberals. Somehow I lost my right wing blame liberal for everything glasses somewhere. LOL.

Finally. I was not trying to take you to task, again it just seemed strange to me that in a post which mentions nothing about someone's political leanings that you could come up with a reason again to slam people you disagree with. The connection between the two seemed in my opinion to be far fetched. But again this might not seem all to tragic to you, the tragedy may be seen to you as a great way to bash people you do not see eye to eye with. That would somewhat equate you with being a "partisan opportunist", which is interesting since I am the one always portrayed as the partisan.

John Pepple

Dear Greg,
Every time I make a comment that you find hard to handle, you accuse me of getting off topic. As I pointed out in my previous post, I commented on a specific statement made by Peg. That is all I need to say to justify my statement.

As to the fact that Peg nowhere reveals any ideological leanings in her post, that is true in a literal sense. But I thought I detected an allusion to such in her statement that "Some view wealthy financiers as greedy, evil people." And I thought it was pretty reasonable to have made that inference, and I am sure that many people will agree with me.

As to your claim that "greedy and evil people and leftist academics are mutually exclusive," that is quite wrong. That statement entails that there are no leftist academics who are greedy and evil, which simply isn't true. My point is that those two classes intersect. I certainly never said that they are identical.

Now to explain where I am coming from. As a student, I soaked up everything the left had to say, and I believed it. When I got my Ph.D., I was a socialist. I thought I would be spending my life teaching and doing research in Greek philosophy and bashing conservatives in my spare time.

It didn't work out that way. Instead, I found myself unable to get my career started because of what seems to me to be stinginess and snobbery at the top, despite the fact that the top is made of leftists. I can do Greek philosophy as well as anyone in the world. If you don't believe me, I have a web site here:


I invite you to explain why I couldn’t get it published in a journal. (No making mountains out of molehills or using impossibly high standards, please.) The simple fact seems to be that I was excluded because I went to something other than an elite school, and I went to such a school because I came from a lower-middle-class background. I thought the left supported people like me, but it doesn’t.

And that is why I take pot shots at the left all the time. After spending more than twenty years battling stingy leftists, I think I have earned the right to do that. My latest battle, which erupted a week ago, is so stupid that even leftists who aren’t involved are supporting me.

Anyway, my advice to you is simple: Make the left better.


LOL, you are hilarious. My point was simple, see if you can follow it. Stingy and greed does not require one to be on the left politically, liberal, on the right politically, or a conservative. Being stingy or greedy is independent of political leanings. I personally did not see the connection that you did, and I was seeking some clarification as how you got there.

On why you couldn't get published?

We live in a capitalist society if people were buying what you were selling or saying, then you would be published. If there is no market for your work, it is the leftist fault and not your fault? Gee, what ever happened to pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and making it? So much for the free market system huh?? If I was Phil Graham I would think you were whining. RMAO!!!

But hey there is still hope.

You know who you are reminding me of? Give me a second because I am literally on the floor laughing at the similarities. You remind me of this guy who was also something of a dreamer, and who had hoped to follow in the footsteps of his hero, the naturalist Charles Darwin. After getting a biology degree from Queens College, he went as far west, and as far from home as possible, winding up in Hawaii, where he earned master's degrees in anthropology and botany from the University of Hawaii. Throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, he traveled to Tonga, Fiji and other South Pacific island nations to study traditional herbal medicine. Local healers warmly welcomed him, and he became passionately convinced that their expertise could be used to cure modern ailments. His research on the sedative kava kava and other Fijian medicinal plants served as the basis for his doctoral work at U.C. Berkeley. (Imagine working at a lefty school such as Berkeley, and not Berkeley now, but back in the 70's when the libs were in full control then). He has his 1978 dissertation on file in the U.C. Berkeley library.

Like you this man was a prolific writer, churning out 18 books in 20 years. Just like you this man has complained that he was held back because of his race, gender and political beliefs. He currently gripes that no institute of higher education would hire him, despite his qualifications. Sounds familiar?

The last straw for him came when publishers rejected the manuscript, "Immigrants and Epidemics," which contended that infectious diseases such as T.B. were being brought into the United States by Southeast Asian immigrants.

So who is this person you seem to be echoing??

******************* DRUM ROLL PLEASE *************************

As Darth Vader would say or in this case Michael Alan Weiner, John "you are my son". Michael Weiner is now known as Michael Savage and you are doing some serious "the liberal elite educational system" is out to get me. So see there is some hope. You too can become a radio giant like the man you are channeling Michael Savage. Just blame all your shortcomings on liberals and the educational system and you have the carbon copy on how to market yourself. And it is not bad, because Savage makes big bucks where he can spew all his gate filled speech for all the world to hear.

Not sure if you agree, but you did provide me with the best laugh so far today. If you care to read more about the Savage link check it out here:

Michael Savage's long, strange trip
How a Jewish kid from the Bronx went from swimming naked with Allen Ginsberg to spewing the ugliest bile on talk radio.



"Some view wealthy financiers as greedy, evil people"

It's good to be failed bank:

Merrill Lynch - O'Neal for $161 million
Bear Stearns - James Cayne for $61 million
Countrywide - Angelo Mozilo for $110 million
Lehman Brothers - $2.5 BILLION exec bonus fund after failing
AIG - Maurice Greenberg selling $1 BILLION in AIG stock after the bailout
WAMU - Alan Fishman 18 million for less than 3 weeks on the job

There's more still, but this is enough for anyone to lose their lunch over.

John Pepple

Greg, I only read about 1/4 of what you wrote. Guess what, Greg? Academia is outside of capitalism, and getting published isn't a matter of people wanting to buy it. Academic publishing works in a different way (supposedly). If you are that ignorant of what is going on in academia, then I can't see any reason to read the rest of your post.

And I would never complain about not getting published outside of academia. Anyone can do that nowadays via print-on-demand publishing.



I didn't read your post as I expected it to be your usual drivel, but I'm going to respond to it anyway.

Wait a minute. That doesn't make any sense at all. I wonder where I learned that from?

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