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You are very correct when you label some of the culprits in this mess. Your statement on many of us need to look into the mirror really caught my attention.

I am wondering do you now admit that this constant mantra of less regulations might have played a major part in this mess? While I am no fan of this bailout, I also know it might have to be done to prevent a new and larger depression. As for now, that case has not been clearly made, but I wonder if it is made, and the facts are presented that this will be needed to prevent a new depression, what is your thoughts on the bailout will be then?

I am wondering is it not the duty of the government to step in and protect the people and protect the country if this will truly become the disaster that we are being told it might be? Now I am not fully convinced of this as yet, but I am curious to as to what others from a different political aspect think if this situation turns out as true as we are being told.

One last point, and this is what bothers me the most. White House spokesman Tony Fratto came out yesterday and said that this plan has been in the work for months in anticipation of the crisis. Now can anyone who is even the most die hard Bush supporter please tell me if the planning has been going on for month's, why did they sit by so silently? If they had been making plans for this for month's, how in the world did we get to this point, and why has the White House consistently claimed the economy is doing well? This does not make sense to me, so I again ask for opinions from those who are my political opposites.


IF we do need a bailout why do the Bushies insist on unlimited powers for Paulson without any oversight, and a guarantee of immunity for any criminal acts? He's the Secretary of the Treasury not the POPE!

Also, if McCain gets elected look for Phil Gramms(who helped create this mess with his amendment to the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which created Credit Default Swaps) to be the new Treasury Secretary.

You can't make this stuff up! It just keeps getting better and better.


It just keeps coming. Here are tidbits:

Two reports tonight, one from the New York Times, and the other from Newsweek, contradict John McCain's statement this week that his campaign manager Rick Davis had no involvement with mortgage giant Freddie Mac for the last several years.

David Donnelly, director of the watchdog group Campaign Money Watch, said: "John McCain's campaign manager and Freddie Mac essentially had a secret half a million dollar lay-a-way plan. For almost three years, they made secret, monthly payments of $15,000 to Rick Davis for apparently no other work than for him to provide special access to a future McCain White House in exchange.

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