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Ned Barnett

As someone who used to "dabble" in Presidential politics (I headed up state-level media and strategy for - at various times - Ford, Perot, before he dropped out, and Clinton - after Perot had dropped out), I am deeply grateful for this editorial. Admiral Stockdale was not well-served by the American media (or by the format of the debates) and therefore not by the American people. He gave better, and he deserved better. However, he was clearly the kind of man who put no stock in how people mis-read him; he was not defined by how others saw him, but rather by how he saw himself. He set an incredibly high bar, and as few men have done, he clearly lived up to his own expectations of himself.

I have no idea if he'd have made a good Vice President - I'm sure, however, that he knew when he accepted Perot's invitation that he was unlikely to have the chance to find that out. However, he proved himself to be the kind of man America desperately needs - a man of skill, courage, intelligence and character - to defend this country from those who know nothing of courage, honor or character.

To Taylor Stockdale - sir, in this column, you honor your father in a way he deserves. And you honor America by helping us better know the man who set an example wherever he went. In the best possible way, the man you portrayed reminds me of fellow fighter ace and Medal of Honor winner, Joe Foss. Whenever I'm faced with a crisis bigger than I know how to handle, I ask myself, "What would Joe Foss do?" Now, I'll ask "What would General Foss or Admiral Stockdale do?" I'm sure the answers I get will be all the guidance I need.

With great respect and appreciation

Ned Barnett - Las Vegas

Mary Morrow

Admiral Stockdale has been a hero in my mind since he first appeared on TV in the infamous debate. We all should take these comments by his son to remind us of the infighting of the present times is but hollow chatter of unprincipaled peoples. It is time to say ENOUGH.. M. Morrow

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