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Interesting cartoon given the fact that 62 percent of Americans oppose privatizing any part their Social Security taxes. A recent Center for American Progress Action Fund report found that if a worker had retired on October 1, 2008 after 35 years of contributions to private retirement accounts, that retiree would have lost nearly $30,000 in retirement funds because of the downturn in the stock market over the last two years.

CNN Poll


Greg, you really ought to try some objective resource before you post items from your partisan sources.

Here are some charts showing the market over many years.


Utterly unlike what you are reporting.

As for Social Security - view these Rasmussen Reports.


Close to FIFTY PERCENT of Americans wish that they could opt OUT of Social Security.

Like I said; try using non-partisan sources and factual data, Greg. You are entitled to your own opinion; not to your own facts.

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