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amira pierce

Its a touchy subject. I'm torn between what I know is right-forgetting the whole thing and just letting go and anger stemming from the fact that people act like racism doesn't exist anymore. Even though it clearly does. I want it to go away. But that's not going to happen until people realize that its still here. If you want to be technical, Dr. King talked about racism all the time. Doesn't mean he was racist. Both sides are angry and hurting. African Americans feel they should get some compensationfor what happened. Money cant make it go away. So when my friends tell me oh its not fair that blacks get advantages when it comes to colleges blah blab I'm like well now you feel the frustration their forefathers felt. Why are you complaining? You cant just get away with it, just walk away like nothing happened. those minority considerations were put there for a reason. If they werent there, minorities wpuldnt get half a chance at all. Because lets face it; minorities domt have thr same oppurtunities in a majority white country. That's human vindictiveness at work. . However, I also see my friends' point of view. They shouldn't get blamed for what their ancestors did.

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