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The problem with conservatives is not a battle against Hollywood. Their problems are they have no new ideals, they believe in nothing, and they are out of touch with the growing demographics of the country. As this country is getting younger, and more diverse, the Republicans offer nothing to these people. They appear anti black, anti Hispanic, anti gay, and seem firmly against anything that will help most Americans or the middle class. They are not a big tent party, and lately they seem to not value anyone who might have a different opinion than them. Dissent is not welcome and all must walk lock step with what they believe as a Party. Those that are somewhat moderate, or have a different take are marginalize or they have left the Party. This is not the stuff that will make the Party thrive or return, which is funny because Karl Rove not too long ago talked about a permanent majority, and now the party is close to being a joke.

They talk about small government, yet government has risen when they were in charge. Does the Department of Homeland Security, or increasing Medicare to pass the senior prescription bill sound anything like smaller government? They speak of fiscal responsibility but there is not one Republican Administration you could point to as being fiscally responsible. These are the people that told us deficits don't matter. Finally they are on the wrong side of most issues. This country is a middle of the road country, and the Republicans keep going further and further to the right. Unless they change course and offer some new and different ideals to the problems they face, they will continue to lose elections.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

Albert Einstein

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