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Eric Dondero

Actually, what's going on is that the Libertarian Party is turning more Republican, which is one thing we Libertarian Republicans have been pushing for, for years.

But of course, that doesn't fit the liberal media template, so it gets ignored.


I dunno, Eric. I haven't exactly known what being "a Republican" has been for a while.

I'm afraid that Republicans haven't been "Republicans" for so long - hard ot pin down exactly what they really are.


Let's consider two possibilities:

1. The Republicans are embracing Libertarianism.

2. The Republicans are just reflexively saying no to everything, opposing everything the government must do simply because the opposing party is running that government.

How would we tell the difference?

Well it is somewhat predictable that the Republicans are always in favor of small government when they're out of power.

steve walsh

There is currently little to distinguish Republicans and Democrats in terms of policy positions on the size and scope of government. Both advocate an active, and large, and costly, government; there is some difference in degree and specific policy topics, but none in the fundamental philosophy that says government is uniformly a force for good and should be expanded.


Peg, perhaps you should retitle this Republicans are turning into Democrats after Spector.


And perhaps you should read the content of what I'm writing, EG (aka "Jammen.") Let me know when you've figured out what "if only" actually means.

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