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Ubu Walker

Correlation does not equal causation.

MI unemployment woes has more to do with the trouble with the car industry than with unions or tax rates.

Oregon's annual average unemployment rate has been higher than the national rate in 25 of the past 33 years. Its rate is attributed to the rural nature of the state and manufacturing and agriculture has been hit hard in this economy.

I think you get the idea.

Jim Lindgren


As for Michigan, the car industry's problems are in part because of high unionization.

As for Oregon's high rates being because of agriculture, all of the low unemployment states are disproportionately agricultural.

Every state has special situations. That's why we look at data from several states.

As for your correlation comment, here was the conclusion to my post:

"As with so many of the reforms contemplated in the budget passed a few weeks ago, we can't know that they will be counter-productive, but the stated goals and the means to achieve those goals do seem to point in opposite directions."

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