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Peg, what is your solution? I know you love laissez faire economics so I assume you advocate letting GM and Wall Street banks fail.

Well, another Great Depression may just be what this country needs. Let new companies arise out of the ashes.


We are sowing the seeds for a great depression being on the road to government ownership of previously private corporations.

The idea that there are simple, straightforward and relatively painless solutions is a fiction. Anyone thinking this exists - anywhere - is an optimistic dreamer.

Allow the companies to go into bankruptcy, if a buyer cannot be found. Let the assets be purchased for what others deem their to be worth. Let the workers be hired by other companies who can design and produce vehicles in a profitable manner.

Do you really think that it is the role of the U.S. government to own and run GM? How many tens of billions of tax dollars are you willing to commit each year to supporting a company that can't make it on its own?

And - if we bailout GM - what other companies and employees is our nation supposed to own and support?

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