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Simple question, do you know the position the current President has on the issue of Charter Schools?

Here is a hint:

The President supports the expansion of high-quality charter schools. He has challenged States to lift limits that stifle growth among successful charter schools and has encouraged rigorous accountability for all charter schools.


Great. I look forward to seeing many, many more schools modeled on the American Indian set up throughout our country.

Of course - there are charter schools - and then there are charter schools. It appears that the ones which focus on core subjects, strong discipline and high expectations for the students are the ones that are achieving top results.


My opinion is that Mr. Obama would shore up and preserve the public educational syspem as it is. I saw nothing in the link to change my mind. The measily 5 billion barely acknowledges the obvious sucess of charter schools that are free of political interference and idenity politics.

Charter schools need equal funding and promotion before their sucess will acknowledged aside from political concerns.

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