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Peg, the reverse also applies.

Your heroes Rush, Beck, and Billo all decried protesters mischaracterizations of Bush. Now, however, they are cheerleading for the same kind of despicable denigrations against Obama, describing their followers as "patriots, freedom lovers, etc".

As usual you cannot have it both ways.


Huh? Who is Billo? (And please explain how someone unknown to me can be a "hero" of mine?!?)

I don't listen to Beck; guess that he also must not be a "hero" of mine, either.

Yes, I do listen to Limbaugh and think he's excellent. I can never recall him saying anything whatsoever that Obama should be assassinated nor that Obama is attempting to commit crimes like those of Hitler.

Criticism? Strong and vocal? You bet. I have strong and vocal criticism of some of the policies and actions of our president, too.

Mr. Grouchypants

I imagine that Billo is Bill O'Reilly.

Of course the fact that jammen is using obvious partisans such as Rush and Beck to counter your criticism of the "objective" press pretty much makes your argument for you.

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