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Snick Dillmore

I am a Bucky Fuller worshiping (in my youth), Whole Earth Catalog collector of back to Nature catalogs, Ph.D. chemist who put deuteriums onto the world's most powerful club drug, to make it 4X as powerful and now I do art full time...and Rush is about my only model of a rebel hippie I have left! The distinction here is between him and other "conservative" (what the hell does that mean as an adjective?) voices is that he is not and never was a "shock jock". His old TV program was as good at any late night show. Best of all? No RELIGION!!! As much as I like reading the Bible when one is handed to me for free, nobody better shove it down my throat as science or I'll delete them from my life forever. That's why though I appreciate Reagan now, as an adult, I hated him as a kid.

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