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John Pepple

Moreover, since he's an academic, and since academia has a huge unemployment problem, he could give some of his money to a fund for adjuncts.

Peg, forgive me if I've already mentioned this. I got onto a blog for adjuncts recently. I was the only one blaming liberal and leftist tenured professors for their problems. Academia is dominated by them, after all, and the unemployment problem is happening on their watch. Why not, then, blame them? Why not demand that they redistribute some of their wealth to the adjuncts at the bottom? But no one wanted to. They wanted to blame the taxpayer, or corporate America, or top administrators (whom they obviously thought were conservative).

It was false consciousness on the left.


So John, you're saying that liberal leftists are well educated bright people while bemoaning that the conservatives base of ignorant rednecks aren't in academia?


Sorry, John. Jammen is hallucinating again.

Of course, there isn't the slightest hint of what he is asking in your comment - but - it seems to be the "liberal way".

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