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John Pepple

Thanks for the article, Peg.

Let me add my own observations about the left and equality based on what I saw in academia.

1. Academia is currently dominated by liberals and leftists.

2. Nevertheless, there is widespread inequality in academia. People at the bottom are either unemployed or underemployed. If they are underemployed -- that is, if they are an adjunct -- they are exploited.

3. It seems perfectly fair to blame this situation on the liberals and leftists who currently dominate academia.

4. No liberal or leftist wants to do this. Even those at the bottom insist on blaming (a) the taxpayers, who they think ought to be paying more in taxes so they can get more money, (b) corporate America, which they imagine is somehow in control, or (c) top administrators, whom they imagine are all conservatives.

5. Against (a), there is plenty of money already in academia. It is just badly distributed. (b) Corporate control of academia wouldn't prevent tenured leftists from attempting to do something about the situation, but they won't even talk about it. (c) Top administrators are generally no more conservative than anyone else in academia.

6. I don't think liberals and leftists really want equality. It's just a lot of good-sounding talk. Their actual goal is control.

7. For those who don't believe this last one, I'm perfectly willing to be convinced. Show me what tenured liberals and leftists are doing to change the horrible situation in academia. Currently, they don't even want to talk about it.

8. The current situation in academia serves as an example of what happens when liberals and leftists are in control, namely things are just as bad as ever.

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