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Megan Tahoma

Do you expect anything less from what Obama has done to this country already? In less than one year he has spent trillions of dollars of American tax money on the stimulus package and it has created less than 30,000 jobs. He his delibertly trying to drag the economy down and throwing it into the gutter so that more people will be dependant on the mommy government. This is where he wants to go and this is where he is leading the country. Now look where his lack of concern has lead us. Straight into the arms of unemployment and dragging the down the dignity of America.
Money is the key to power and security in the American society based on modern Social Darwinism. Obama’s Health care plan is to take money from Medicare and put it into a new insurance package. So, who is the bigger thief Obama or a bunch of crooks taking walkers, and wheelchairs. Therefore, you can't just blame the conservatives alone for the criminals to be taking advantage like this. You have to look through all the facts and evidences.


Megan - my point exactly. If the government doesn't have this gigantic pool of money going into this vast system - then people won't be able to access it.

Yes; it's THAT simple.

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