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Can I ask a question? How diverse were those other Administration Cabinets?

Scorecard on Cabinet Diversity

President Obama can't seem to catch a break. Poor guy can't even shoot a game of hoops at the White House without being castigated by one group for not including another.

His administration is too white, some say. Too male, others argue. He doesn't have enough women in top Cabinet-level jobs. He doesn't have enough Blacks or Latinos in the White House press office. Well, we decided to see just how Obama's Cabinet stacks up against his predecessor's initial lineup in terms of racial, ethnic and gender diversity.

Bush's administration, which included the appointments of retired Army General Colin Powell and Dr. Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state, both Black, was one of the most diverse in history.

What our analysis revealed: Bush will have to relinquish his title. The nation's first Black president is now the reigning champ of the most diverse Cabinet in history. In fact, Obama's Cabinet appointments beat Bush's initial Cabinet appointments hands down in terms of racial/ethnic/gender diversity on nearly all counts, with women and Asians faring the best.


Uh, Greg. Some of us happen to think that the experience and knowledge of a person matters a helluva lot more than what their skin color or ethnicity is.

And yes; there are plenty of very competent people of all stripes in the private sector, too - FYI.

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