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Where were you when W took an average of 3 months a year off?


Heckuva job with the lies, Chairman. I'd ask you for evidence - but - since it's not out there, what would be the point?


I'll give you evidence--even though you don't want it and won't want to believe it.


Makes sense. You (and apparently CBS) think that a "working vacation" at Camp David or a ranch in Texas is akin to golfing in Hawaii.

Our current president is SO on vacation, he couldn't even bother to put on a tie when he addressed America a few days (yawn!) after a terrorist attack. He even looked quite bored.


Since when is putting a tie the most important thing? Ties are pretty passe, Obama frequently avoids them.

And it seems I misunderestimated the Shrub--he spent more like 4 months a year on vacation.

Working vacation you say? Like when he couldn't be bothered to go to New Orleans after Katrina?

Here's another article you won't like:

You might not be seeing this sort of thing on Fox News.


Putting on a tie is "the most important thing?" Typical lefty tactics. I never said anything of the sort.

We wear different attire for different events. I happen to think that any government official should dress appropriately for the occasion - and - in my mind, addressing America about a terrorist act is an event that should demand a certain level of concern and formality.

Feel free to post as many links about George W. Bush's "vacation days." If you cannot decipher the difference between a place like Camp David or a ranch in Texas designed to allow a president to work - versus a luxury home on the beach in Hawaii - no further discussion is necessary.


Peg, your attacks on President Obama go beyond partisan into a perosnal dislike for the man.

You're losing all credibility with me. You claim to have guiding principles not just more of the same partisan political hack jobs.

Yet you never once objected to Bush wasting his two terms vacationing at his Texas ranch. Yet you obsess about the trivial when it comes to President Obama.


I don't begrude any president a vacation. Like I said, I'm someone who needs down time myself. (Though I would never in a million years would contemplate attempting to take on the rigors of a presidency!)

Just commenting on something (the tie, for instance) is not "obsessing." And, once again, being completely available with a working vacation is wholly unlike not even responding immediately to the public when we've experienced a terrorist attack. Need I remind you how liberals went nuts when GWB didn't put down the book he was reading for a few minutes - nor how he didn't return to Washington immediately? (Despite intelligence advice that he should stay away....)

I actually appreciate a certain amount about this president. I thought he ran a great campaign, I admire his strong ties to his family, and I am thankful for how he talks to the black community about valuing education, responsibility, etc.

But, all that does not change that I also believe Obama has made many poor choices so far in how he governs, in the campaign promises he made and has ignored, etc.

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