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I did not read or see this article in the same light that you did. To me this article had nothing to do with Obama's race in him winning the election. In fact this article had little to do with Obama at all, and more at what has happened in the black community since his election. Again this is just my read of the article, but to me it was not one that focused on Obama's race per se.

Many after his election said the the questions of race has been pretty much solved, well Mr. Blow brings up statistics that says that this might not be so. In fact the author I thought made that clear when he wrote the following:

"Last year, blacks dared to dream anew, envisioning a future in which Obama’s election would be the catalyst for an era of prosperity and more racial harmony. Now that the election’s afterglow has nearly faded, the hysteria of hope is being ground against the hard stone of reality. Things have not gotten better. In many ways, they’ve gotten worse.

The recession, for one, has dealt a particularly punishing and uneven hand to blacks.

For example the author list several things:

* A May report from the Pew Research Center found that blacks were the most likely to get higher-priced subprime loans, leading to higher foreclosure rates. In fact, blacks have displaced Hispanics as the group with the lowest homeownership rates.

* According to the most recent jobs data, not only is the unemployment rate for blacks nearly twice that of whites, the gap in some important demographics has widened rapidly since Obama took office. The unemployment rate over that time for white college graduates under 24 years old grew by about 20 percent. For their black cohorts, the rate grew by about twice that much.

* And a report published last month by the Department of Agriculture found that in 2008, “food insecurity” for American households had risen to record levels, with black children being the most likely to experience that food insecurity.

* Racially offensive images of the first couple are so prolific online that Google now runs an apologetic ad with the results of image searches of them.

* According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2008 hate crimes data released last week, anti-black hate crimes rose 4 percent from 2007, while the combined hate crimes against all other racial categories declined 11 percent. If you look at the two-year trend, which would include Obama’s ascension as a candidate, anti-black hate crimes have risen 8 percent, while those against the other racial groups have fallen 19 percent.

Again I might have a different perspective than you did on reading this article. You seemed to focused on Obama, race, and his winning the election. I seem to look at what has happened to many African Americans who thought things would change and get better after his election, and for many of them things are much worse. That is why I think the author entitled his piece Black in the Age of Obama.

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