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All pretty darned true.

I don't always disagree with you.


Peg, I believe in fiscal responsibility, smaller government, stronger defense, and more personal responsibility. And I'm a flaming liberal.

Those values have nothing to do with the Republican party (nor the Democratic, both parties having long ago abandoned principled platforms for corporate cash).


You're for smaller government and you're a "flaming liberal"? Sorry; just doesn't fly. For a long time now, Democrats (for whom more liberals vote than Republicans) have made concerted efforts to take over more and more of what was once in the private sector, and place it in the public sector. The more that is done, the less personal responsibility anyone has; the government "takes care of it" for you.

Tell me that the Republicans have done a poor job of living up to these principles despite what they preach, and I will agree with you. The Democrats, however, make no pretense about wanting this. They believe in having the government do this for its people as a matter of principle.

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