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You've really hit on something. Michelle Obama's clothes wear her, with a few exceptions. Palin wears clothes. I think unlike, say Hillary, MO does actually pick her clothes and enjoys being a clothes' horse but she seems to have no clue or care about what actually might flatter her and present her, not just her taste in designers, (hint: it's political, multiculti, urban and internationally cosmopolitan) bright, dramatic colors etc. This is a woman with no common sense of the personal modesty that comes with having to "dress for success." Or if she ever did, she's left it far behind.

Sarah Palin in contrast, never really had a "fashion" sense before hitting the national stage. Clothes for her are were more utilitarian than style. Now that she's had some advice and experience, she has clear preferences: simple styles and bright colors. Red is definitely her color and she knows it.


Margaret - for me, the biggest focus is simply what the media does. Very unequal treatment.

Reminds me of GWB and Al Gore. Al Gore lives in a mega-mansion, uses energy like it is as common and cheap as oxygen - and the press barely comments. GWB has a home that is quite ecologically efficient - and less than a third of the size of Gore's - but- you'd think Bush is the devil incarnate when it comes to energy.

Go figure :(


The treatment in her book about the whole clothing episode in Going Rogue is interesting. (1) She had nothing to do with the selection and was appalled by the cost, in a way that rang true to my middle class ears. (2) She fully expected to return them after the campaign. (3) The reason clothing was purchased for her and her family in such volume was that she couldn't round up appropriate clothing for everybody by going back home to Alaska--she only had an overnight bag with her when she went from AK to AZ to OH, where the announcement was made. None of this was ever explained by the McCain campaign or anyone else, she and her family were left to twist in the wind. Shameful.


I should have said AK to AZ to OH to MN! (Convention). That's a heck of a lot of outfits!


Not to mention that one can easily know this from reading conservative blogs - but - MSM? Fergetabout it!


Michelle Obama wears what she pleases because she can afford to pay for it herself--she was a big time lawyer, remember.

Quitter Palin only has decent clothes because the GOP paid for them out of campaign funds. Then she lied, and lied, and lied. As usual.


There is nothing that the left enjoys more than lying about Palin. She has none of the GOP clothes. When Naomi Wolf picked out clothes for Al Gore, and did his colors nobody blinked an eye. Campaigns buy clothes all the time but only Palin gets criticized for it.

Michelle wasn't a high paid lawyer, she was a high paid hospital administrator, shoving the uninsured and medicaid patients from her hospital onto other hospitals. And being rich enough to afford designer clothes doesn't seem like something that would qualify people for higher office by itself anyway.


Palin was political candidate whereas Obama is the spouse of a political candidate. That difference reflects the variation in the press.


Sorry, WEK. The difference is that the press leans to the left, and the current president and first lady are strongly to the left - and Sarah Palin is not. I am utterly confident that if these two women dressed the same way and looked the same way - yet it was Mrs. Obama who was conservative and Mrs. Palin who was liberal - we'd have read mountains of different opinion about the two of them.

Therein lies the difference.

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