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I don't know or really care about judging right and wrong in a personal matter. But there are certain miscommunications I see that make me want to try to play translator.

Planned Parenthood is "a corporation." However, its political action is tightly constrained by virtue of its tax status. It has the ability to do certain things, but not the ability to do the sorts of things that, e.g., the SCOTUS said that Exxon-Mobil or IBM can do. Planned Parenthood was not given any additional freedom in CU vs FEC. Exxon-Mobil and IBM were.

You're right. Maha was wrong to say that Planned Parenthood is not a corporation - but they are still a far different entity than a for-profit corporation. And that's the more important thing.

"But why cut off conversation?" you might ask. Well, because there are a lot of intellectually dishonest people out there... people who would rather argue over whether or not Planned Parenthood is a corporation (as if that actually matters!) rather than accept that, corporation or not, they're not the kind of entity affected by CUvFEC, and discussing the over-riding issue.

It's a shame that this is the case - but if you converse with everyone, and assume good faith on the part of all people, you'll end up nibbled to death by ducks - and intellectually dishonest ducks, at that.


Just one small thought. PP, or any similar organization, makes a "bargain" with the government. In exchange for non-profit charity status, it agrees to waive its ability to engage in lobbying and other political advocacy activities.

There is nothing to prevent PP from becoming a for-profit corporation, with all of the rights accorded under Citizens United. Apparently, PP believes that the benefits of tax-exempt status outweigh the benefits of political expression. So to say that they don't have the rights of an Exxon-Mobil is disingenuous. They have, in effect, chosen to waive those rights in exchange for tax benefits. No one forced them to be a 501 organization - that required affirmative filings by the corporation itself.

I would have to wager that E-M would gladly wish to have the ability to give up rights to political expression in exchange for tax-exempt status.



I used to comment too at Mahablog. I left after Maha came up with the childish "Manichaeism Alert" icon. You can see it posted on the right side of her page. Or just look at this URL:


It's a picture of a person with an empty head. If you make a post that Maha doesn't agree with, she sticks this on your post to alert everyone, "Hey, this poster is an idiot."

Very childish. No, downright infantile. It's meant to intimidate and demean. I have not seen any other blog this spiteful, neither left nor right-wing. The icon says much more about Maha than it does about the presumed "idiot" who is posting.

It's too bad - I liked the Mahablog, enjoyed commenting. I'm willing to withstand criticism while defending my position. But meanness and childish nonsense is not worth my time.

The Internet is a big place, so I can go elsewhere to debate. I always treat my "opponents" (if that's what they should be called) with courtesy, even if I strongly disagree with them. To do any less is a sign of immaturity.

best regards,


Thanks - everyone - for stopping by. Ozonehole, sadly, I have to agree with you. I don't know why she does this - only that she does.

And Longhaired - I was only "quibbling" about the legal status of Planned Parenthood because 1) Maha said I was not quoting her properly (I was) and 2) apparently this is one of the reasons she "banned" me.

I also noted that several people at Maha said that I hate liberals. Categorically, absolutely false. First of all, I actually share some beliefs that are considered "liberal" I am in favor of gay marriage and pro-choice, for instance.

But way beyond that, many of the people near and dear to me are quite liberal. Somehow - on both sides - we are able to accept and love those who see some issues differently than we do, and still cherish them.

So sorry to hear that your crowd cannot do this.


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