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Sunny was just that, full of sunshine. You and her had an intimate relationship one that you will always remember.

Her spirit lives on in you and Ed.

Keith Burgess-Jackson

My condolences, Peg.

Bonnie Rubin

I hope you will be sustained by your many good memories, Peg.

Thinking of you,


I am very sorry to read this Peg. I pray that God will bring you consolation and peace.


Thank you, all - for your caring and dear wishes.

I am so fortunate to have you - and you do ease the sadness.



I dearly hope that you will soon go to a breeder and bring home two budgies to keep Mr. Mollo, and you and your husband, company. You are a loving and good birdie mommy with a lot of caring that can be given to other birds.

I will keep you in prayer this week.

James Drake

You have my sincere condolences.


Sorry for you loss Peg.

Kimberly Allen

I am so sorry about your loss. I am sorry that it hurts extra badly because of the way it happened. You know, a lady nearly hit me today in her car. Long story. But I think she thought I would be rude; or just too upset for words. And I told her: it was a mistake in that she did not see me. She did not know I was there. Her face was so horrified that I felt badly for her. I knew that she did not see me. I was sure of it. I think that is the case, here. It is harder for you, and your little bird, well, she has flown on. Love to you and great condolences.

Claire and Howard Kaplan

Mom and I knew what a warm, friendly, loveable creature Sonny was and the mere loss of a loved one is bad enough but to compound that loss at your accidental doing multiplies her death.

Mom and I are looking forward to your coming visit and we hope we can cheer you during your sunny, warm Florida stay.

Our love is with you, Pops.

Our thanks to Ed for being wih you and sharing this difficult time.

Holly Ross

Peggy -
I am so, so sorry about Sunny. These amazing pets hold a very special place in our hearts.
My love to you and Ed -

Donna Boucher

Oh Peg. I am so sorry to hear your sad news.

Paulette Koontz


I am wiping away the tears as I send you this expression of my sorrow. I have had to put two pets down and it broke my heart both times. I felt your anguish all the way through your story. I will keep you and Ed in my prayers.



I came by from Tools of Renewal. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet budgie. I've never owned birds but I have loved and lost cats and dogs over the years. God Bless.


Oh no! I just saw this and the later post since I don't have much time to read during the week. I am heartbroken for you! You know that we lost our beloved Emile (cockatiel) the same way. It only takes a second and they seem so unconscious of danger, so fearless living with us giants! It is hard to lose a pet any way but by an accident, you will always say, IF ONLY...! These little guys love their freedom though and your guys have a wonderful life, living pretty much cage free. Try to be consoled by that. It's hard, I know. We still miss Emile.


My condolences. As someone who has had my share of Budgie Companions in years long past, I know how lovable these sweet creatures can be. Alas, their lives are all too short... even without unfortunate accidents.

Sunny lived - I am sure - a much longer and healthier life in your home than would have otherwise been possible. May your memories bring you comfort.

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