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Steve H. Graham

You will get past this, and Sunny already has. From your description of the accident, it sounds like there was no time for suffering.

A long time ago, I placed my birds' cages too close together, and Maynard managed to inflict a mortal wound on my first parrot, Frank. Most of the grief I feel now has to do with my conviction that I was not good enough to Frank while he lived. The pain of causing the accident is nearly gone. I don't think you'll have the same regrets I have. It sounds like Sunny had a wonderful life.
Get another budgie or maybe another type of bird. It will help Mr. Mollo not to be lonely, and you'll be giving yourself another chance.


Steve - what you describe is my only saving grace. I know that Sunny died within moments and did not suffer.

And yes - she had a wonderful life. We do not keep our birds locked up (except at night when they are sleeping) - so during the day she enjoyed the many windows in our house to look at the woods and outside animals and birds, played non-stop with Shelly and Mollo - not to mention Ed and me.

I never knew about Frank ... and my condolences. I know only too well the awful emotions connected with this.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing. I know as a "birdie dad" - you especially understand the joy that these intelligent and loving animals can give to us.


I am a longtime reader of Mr.Grahams Tools of Renewal and am here to offer my condolences and support for the loss of your bird.
Please don't hammer yourself, you aren't alone.
My Peach front conure lost a toe when I left him too close to an aggresive sun conure and we very nearly lost our cockatiel earlier this week when she got herself wound up and flew into the front door window,,,HARD.
We lost our beloved short hair chowdog last year to a stroke, brought on most likely by two seperate cottonmouth snakebites he received because we didn't keep him closer at hand than we probably should have.
The mistakes that led to the incidents were learned but the regrets will remain as focused reminders that while we do all we can, we are still human and fallible and things past our absolute control will continue to occur no matter how careful we attempt to be.
Life goes on and when you are ready, I encourage you to bring another feathered friend into your life.
I can only offer mine and my families prayers and support during your time of grieving. Be well. Milo


Hello, Peg - I'm another reader of Steve Graham's.

I am so sorry for your loss. Please don't punish yourself. Accidents happen, grievous accidents like yours. Sunny lived a good and cherished life, which was a gift to you both. I agree with Steve and Milo above - when the time is right, do think about bringing another bird into your life; they do give such joy, far out of proportion to their light little bodies.

You are in my prayers. Take care.

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