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"Libertarians want government to leave people alone -- in both the economic and personal spheres."

Not really you don't. You appreciate the FDA inspecting food and drugs so that you don't get sick or die from contamination.

You appreciate the Interstate highway system so that the freeway doesn't just suddenly come to an end because the locals decided not to support it.

You appreciate many things our government does that you take for granted.


Jammen - libertarians are not anarchists. We do have a government, and there are some functions that I and most libertarians surely would want them to perform.

That being said - do not assume what I do and do not appreciate.

Yes, I do value having infrastructure: roads and highways and bridges - a judicial system, police and fire protection and a myriad of other services. But, these types of services would be most difficult for individuals to procure on their own; they are items that are best supplied by government for "the public good."

As for the FDA - I think it is too intrusive and regulatory, and that we would be better off if its function were diminished and we as individuals could make broader judgements about what we put into our bodies. Ditto for many other regulatory bodies that are choosing what some administrator believes is good or bad for us - but is not something that will lead to immediate death or injury if we choose for ourselves.

I do not want the government telling me what I can say, where I can live, how or what I do for work, what I can eat or not eat, and on and on and on.

Do not presume that because you applaud all this that I and other like minded people do.


"I do not want the government telling me what...I can eat or not eat..."

You've said this before and I've dismissed it as just some of your over the top hyperbole. If you're serious then you're mad.

Who, besides you, would want a return to the middle ages where disease and plague runs rampant through our society?

Have you ever heard of Mad Cow disease, Salmonella, or the myriad other deadly things we try to control?

Here is an article for you to read:


I guess you didn't read all of my comment above.

It's my understanding that I could become very ill - or dead - quite quickly by eating food tainted with salmonella. I have never said - not above nor anywhere else - that I want a world with no government regulation. It's fine for the government to insure that places that serve food to people either are inspected by the government - or required to be inspected by a private entity.

But that is quite a different thing than telling me that I cannot order a medium rare burger, or poached eggs, or order off a menu that doesn't provide food nutrition information, etc., etc. - which currently IS the law in various places.

You may not realize it, Jammen - but there are degrees of risk. My belief is that it is all right for the government to regulate that which is of extremely high risk: drugs which can kill in a matter of hours, driving over 100 on the highway, driving while intoxicated, eating food so tainted your odds of severe illness or death are high - and so forth or so on.

Low to moderate risk; I wish to make the decison. High? OK for the government to regulate.

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