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John Pepple

I doubt if this will convince many leftists. For leftists, capitalism and capitalists are associated with the exploitation of the poor, and capitalists and their defenders are widely seen evil, while they themselves are good. This perception allows them to avoid seeing communism as perhaps the worst evil ever, because it was done by people with good motives.

What changed my mind about all this was a bunch of things that I saw in academia. In no particular order, they were:
1. Seeing that the alleged problems of capitalism emerged in academia, even though academia is not really a part of capitalism. That is, I saw that in academia people were exploited, there was a big unemployment problem, the rich got richer and the poor poorer, etc. This all happened during a period when academia was dominated by liberals and leftists. And most of all, I noticed how those at the top were very stingy.
2. While liberals and leftists don't like free markets, that is in effect what the liberals and leftists of academia used to solve the current academic jobs crisis. By doing nothing, they in effect said that the free market would solve the problem.
3. Some leftists in academia stomped on a union. See Cary Nelson, Manifesto of a Tenured Radical, p. 143.
4. The exploitation of adjuncts, who are generally people from modest backgrounds, convinced me that liberals and leftists had at best an uneven amount of concern for the poor. As your friend Keith Burgess-Jackson says somewhere, one would think that liberals and leftists in academia would be greatly concerned about the plight of people who come out of, say, Appalachian State, but they aren't.

There's a lot more I could say, but this should suffice.

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