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If this was true then they would have spoken up during the 8 year Cheney/Bush expansion of government.

It's only an issue now because of partisan politics, as is your whole blog. It's only an issue when the Democrats are in power. Never a peep when the Republicans are doing the exact same thing.


Ridiculous. Plenty of people "peeped" - including myself, on a variety of topics. I "peeped" when GWB supported steel protections, when the ridiculous "drug benefit" went into effect for seniors - and on other issues, like signing the horrific McCain-Feingold bill and supporting "protecting marriage" types of legislation. And - I was not alone.

Is it impossible for you to stick to the truth, Jammen? Easy to find lots of conservatives and libertarians who "peeped" then and still do today. It did take, however, this launch into uber-spending and disaster to wake up the masses.


Peg, try reading your posts sometime. They are archived you know.

Your hypocrisy billows through every post. You may think that you are principled, but your blatent partisan politics poison your arguments.

Self-deceived or lying? I will let the discerning reader be the judge of that.

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