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Well, you'll be pleased to learn that Bill Clinton is America's favorite politician.

From one of your "liberal" media, the Wall Street Journal:



Not surprising. He presided during a business cycle when things were on an upswing (and this IS random - can happen to presidents irrespective of their party or talents) - and he had a Republican Congress to keep him in check. In his favor, Clinton was smart enough to realize that if he didn't steer a moderate course, he was going to serve 4 years and not 8.

He also was politically savy and a great speaker. Whatever one thinks of GWB's governing abilities, "great speaker" never applied to him.

In contrast to at least some recent presidents (Carter, Bush, Obama) Clinton would look excellent!


Clinton also created over 22 million jobs, which is more than both Bushes & Reagan combined with their trickle down Voodoo economics.

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