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Peg, for once we agree completely. I would also include "pro-life Christians". These terrorist send their windup killers to murder and destroy doctors and clinics. A few of them, like the "Army of God" and the "American Coalistion of Life Activists (ACLA)" explicitly advocate violence. But most of these terrorists publicly condemn violence while privately encouraging their crazier members to do their bidding.

The parallels with "peaceful Islamists" (another oxymoron like "pro-life Christian")
are striking. Both use their religious beliefs as a basis for their terrorist acts while pretending that it is only a few extremists who are the problem.


For those few who do either commit violence or urge it to be done in the name of "pro-life" (something I find wholly repugnant, not to mention incredibly illogical) - I agree with you. I would not, however, tar more than a tiny minority of pro-life Christians with this label. Most pro-lifers - even activists - are committed to their beliefs and fight for it - but they do so peaceably.

I do not have an issue with anyone who wants to get their viewpoints heard and does so in a respectful and non-violent matter - whether I agree with their issue or not.

Sadly, however, there are far more radicalized Islamists these days than there are Christians of the same ilk. Simply fact - nothing of opinion there.

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