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Last Liberal Standing

Don't you think the person who works hard, scrimps, saves, etc. etc., usually does MUCH better than the freeloader? And for the ones who don't do much better, because of hard luck, shouldn't there be some kind of boost provided?

I admit that it can be hard to tell who's deserving and who's not. There are definitely many undeserving folks who can put on a good show for the sake of a welfare official.


Of course I think that those who follow sensible and wise precepts generally do muchbetter than those who do not. And I also think that those who are hit by "bad luck" should get assistance.

My point, however, is that most of the time, it should not be the government providing this assistance. The government does not have the flexibility, the freedom and other abilities to aid as private entities can - for a myriad of reasons. Just as you say, LLS, "it can be hard to tell who's deserving and who's not." If the government judges, then it is far more difficult to perform this job. If the private sector does, those who need help know that they are far more likely to have to pass "the smell test" - and that help will not be forthcoming come what may.

I am definitely not saying "don't help." I'm saying, alter how our society has structured help.

Last Liberal Standing

I don't see why you'd assume that "private entities" or "the private sector" would be more conscientious or sagacious in providing help than the government is. Less dependably so, I'd think.

That's what makes me a liberal, of course.

I do concede that the government often makes a mess of it. There's waste, laziness, laxity, overreach. And yes, some private entities would do better. But in too many cases, no such entity would even try.

John Pepple

Whether one thinks government ought to help or whether one thinks it ought to be the private sector, one thing we ought to be able to agree on is that government shouldn't hurt. Nevertheless, we can't agree on that. Too many times, there are government policies that come from liberals and leftists that hurt the poor. The idea that gas should go to $5/gallon is one such.

Another is the idea of annual tests of vehicle emissions. When my wife and I were poor, we got hit with this. Our car failed the emissions test and so we had to shell out what was for us a lot of money to "fix" a car that didn't need to be fixed. Think about it. The poor are going to get hit by this more than the rich are, because the rich can afford the new cars that will always pass these tests.

And these are just two examples of thousands of such examples. Why hurt the poor if you don't have to?


John; stated far better than I could - and 100% accurate!

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