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John Pepple

They are very nice in our study in the winter, because they help heat the room. Since we spend a lot of time in our study, we can keep the rest of the house cooler, and still be warm in the study. Granted, in the summer they're not so great, but we don't need the lights on for so many hours anyway because the sun is up longer.

It's so stupid to get rid of incandescent bulbs.


Maybe I will consider giving up my incandescents when elite liberals give up their private jets, their 2nd, 3rd and 4th homes, their vacations around the world - and so forth and so on.

Michael Valle

Let the incandescent light bulb become a symbol of resistance!

Rick Caird

It is more than just the loss of incandescent bulbs. It is the very idea that light bulbs are grist for the Congressional mill. Who ever thought the federal government would be specifying our light bulbs.

I suspect a candidate who ran on a platform of repealing everything passed since 2006 would be right more often than not.


Rick - you are likely correct about the "everything passed since 2006...."

Sad statement about the current affairs of government - eh?!

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