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Earth Ocean Sky Redux

As a parent of a gay child who told me this year she changed her voter registration to Republican, I had to ask her why. We talked at length about how she felt the Democratic party was drowning in rhetoric, SAYING they were for certain gay rights but not acting on it. She also felt that the Democrats didn't understand gays who choose to keep their sexual orientation to themselves in the workplace or in the military. She does not believe the Don't Ask Don't Tell bill should have been repealed. What it says to me is that gays, like every other segment of the population, come in all points of view. Interesting.


Exactly, EOSR.

If someone is gay - or black or Jewish or Muslim or young or old - why can't they either be in favor of smaller, leaner government - or bigger more active government? Why should our specific sexual orientation or race or age, etc., demand that we must have certain views?

Answer: it need not.

Glad to hear that your daughter is independent enough to follow her own beliefs than to feel that she must follow "the crowd." (And yes; most of the gay folks I know do vote Democrat because they think "they must"....)

Earth Ocean Sky Redux

Just today, on one of the Sunday talk shows, a Democrat was saying how important it was to get out the black vote. If I were black I'd be offended that this man ASSUMED me to be a Democrat.

Tuesday can't come soon enough. Wait, make that Wednesday, as all day Tuesday the talking heads will be drawing red and blue maps.


Indeed. Everyone's vote is important - and, as we see above, they should not assume that all blacks vote as a herd for Democrats.

Here is hoping that after Tuesday, their eyes will be at least a bit more open.

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