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Earth Ocean Sky Redux

I have a family member who belongs to the NAHB. At their annual convention in Orlando, the meeting that has the highest attendance is the one about taxation. My cousin has not built a new home in two years, he let his entire team go, many of whom worked for him 25+ years and he's about at the point of declaring bankruptcy. Our small business men and women make this USA what it is, they are the foundation of all economic vitality (IMO). And when that foundation crumbles, it brings down everyone else.

This topic is so important to discuss. I have no answers, sadly. I was an English major!! :-)


EOS, you do not have to have an MBA from Harvard to know that if you kill small businesses with taxation and regulation, you kill jobs and the economy. I have a philosophy degree, like Christopher - and we both know!

Being in real estate, I cannot tell you how many people have been impacted adversely. Most painful to watch.

Here is hoping that the Republicans live up to their pledges of fiscal conservatism - and that our nation is ready to do the tough work ahead to get things turned around.

SO sorry about your cousin.... alas; he is not alone.

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